Wednesday, August 29, 2012

those broad strokes

It's been so long since I fired up the Janome and rocked that free motion foot...speaking of which I really need to find a replacement for this one, silly little open toed plastic bugger anyway. If you have any recommendations for a freemotion foot  that will fit the Janome 6500 I'd welcome the info.

I'm using a different sort of support for this one for the first time. Not a batting but a synthetic mattress pad. Weird stuff but I have acres of it so the price is right. It has no warp or weft like fleece but very stable with no stretch or give at all in any direction, needles like it's not there and not too heavy or thick although the size of this piece makes me feel like I'm making sails. (the oval in the center of this image 8" across) . There's just enough depth to show off the  machine stitches.

I am looking forward to more Broad Strokes using up those Usual Suspects.


handstories said...

i see wings and other worldly creatures-very cool.

Jeannie said...

I love how you got the glow in the blue fabric - yummers. Gorgeous, yep, gorgeous.

arlee said...

I did wonder how this would be for hand stitch, but the work so far looks satisfyingly "lofty" :) Looks like things will bite right in!

arlee said...

Wondered how this would be for hand stitch, but it seems the bite is right--satisfyingly sinky even :)