Friday, March 15, 2013

very happy friday

Two pieces of cloth uncovered in the churn. The top one I'm working out how to incorporate into a larger whole. I may have to dye some cloth to do it.

The one below, I just can see ever cutting it apart so I'm just going to hang it up and be entertained.

We have a house guest and I am so happy.


Karoda said...

the one below is gorgeous...looks very impressionistic to me! the top one would be more challenging to work with...I guess because it has more defined shapes and larger shapes also.

Jeannie said...

I like your phrase "I may have to dye some cloth". I have at least two months to go before the dye studio opens. I am marking the days off on the calendar. :) I love the bottom cloth. As Karen said, it is so impressionistic and the mind sees so much in it. I also like the top cloth because it is like an ink blot test. Have fun with your house guest!

Ms. said...

How cheery and delightful your cloth and your mood. Have a lovely weekend!