Thursday, January 30, 2014

back to the regular programming

It seems to take a fistful of hours over a whole day from "go" to "done". I need to venture out to buy some more canvases, but that will wait until the weekend.

While I was churning the studio for those lost or imaginary canvases I found the piece below squashed between the pages of a drawing pad.
"Silkwinds"      2010       (13.5"x16")

This was an experiment using silk gauze dyed with Colorhue silk dyes that were a gift. The base is some kind of poly that looks like linen with a piece of warm and natural cotton batting underneath to give the stitches a little bite. No backing yet.

I would do stitching things a little differently I think, but it's made me long to work with transparent color again in any medium.

I'm going to mount this one to a canvas also and it will be the next piece up for silent auction.


Firefly said...

The Silkwinds piece is just beautiful! Lots of movement, gorgeous color and composition.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I just bought some silk gauze, and have color hue dyes from a class I took a few years back. Just need the time to play! I'm inspired by the color intensity you achieved... my initial experiments on habotai were not very satisfactory. Have you ever tried watercolor on fabric? I bought a t-shirt years ago that was done with watercolor, and it was beautiful... just like wearing a painting!