Wednesday, January 15, 2014

web work

I'm warming up to dismantling and redesigning my aged website but it's been a long time since I taught myself the most basic HTML.  I don't think online galleries should have a lot of bells and whistles; the work should speak for itself. Less is still more, but my naked hand coding may not longer be enough to get the job done.

I don't want to use an "app" for the remodel, but I must remind myself of the hours of frustration I spent tracking down the one misplaced or mis-typed character that would spoil an entire website so I'm looking for new tools to learn; suggestions are welcome but I do not speak mac.

There was a time when I ventured to build sites for other people, but I could never figure out how to cross the great, lava filled void between what they thought they wanted and what I could deliver - never mind what to charge for my feeble magic tricks.  Like this one..

(If you followed the link to the main gallery, which of these pieces would you like to see on the block for my next silent auction?)


neki desu said...

hi deb,
not precisely an app, but a wyswyg editing tool. i use it to update mine very handy and f-r-e-e!
BlueGriffon is the name

thelmasmith said...

My webmaster said to try Drupal. Check you tube for the 50+ minute tutorial. My guy says that I can learn enough easily to get a new website up and running. From the tutorial it looks like I can spend the rest of my life learning the finer points of the software to add all the goodies. Hope this helps. thelma

Bookhandler said...

I vote for Old Comfort and Roadkill going on the block. Both thrill me.

Deb said...

I've been looking at Roadkill myself. The size is right...taken under consideration..