Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Magnolia Rains - updated

I did some very different things with this latest batch of threads.

I put took them out of the sauce in small groups, six or eight at a time, ensuring they were pretty wet when the dye struck.

 The salt/sugar mix was very humid - clumpy. I chose some pretty antagonistic colors, including things that I had been avoiding, like Avocado, hot pink and Hard Red.

The neighbors magnolia trees are blooming and it was threatening to rain. Atmosphere + chemistry.

At first, I was worried that I had knuckled them too much. (just what it sounds like) and then the skies opened up after they had only been batching a few hours. I left them in the rain all night long. The first rinses were very murky, then this happened.
it's a magical batch!

More hot, wet days ahead so I'm going to take another run at getting those golds, aubergines, and limes before this batch is available.


  1. Just WOW! Avocado...Yes Please! I would like to post of my soon to work table/work in progress on Instagram. Would that be alright with you and I would like to tag you for your threads. I am have not been able to find you? I will of course respect your wishes on this.

  2. Thank you, Lori. I'd be honored. I need to get on the Instagram train...

  3. love your wild colours!

  4. Magic and the Magician.

  5. I thought I had left a comment ... will try again. Please save two blues and two greens for me ... I am eagerly awaiting their appearance in the shop.


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