Monday, May 14, 2018

the annual miracle

We are late this year. I've tried getting in the water as early as May 15, but the fresh water was always much too cold, even for this Yankee seal.

As late as this is, we were still way ahead of the Annual Frog Fornication Fest. There were no tadpoles for me to round up and relocate this year. They've been noisy at night but slow to get busy. Maybe because the water level was too low?

Tomorrow, Colin will crawl under the deck and replace one of the large delivery hoses. The entire water-carrying infrastructure has been in place since 98. That's the original liner! The deck needs some work but there WILL be swimming this season. Splashing, paddling, drifting and dreaming. The bones of my next book will be born in these waters.

Jimmy was so smart to make this investment.


Joanne S said...

Well, Jimmy knew it would make you happy--and it did and it does and it will forever.
And thank the lord no frogettes. Ick.

Patty said...

Swimming and happiness. Solid cause and effect for me too.

Dakotah said...

We love our pool but not the setting up part. H did buy a solar heater for us so this year we will have more swim days. The frogs...ha. Reminds me of my ducks...water makes them horny, lol. Enjoy!