Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mothers Day morning

I sat with the morning light and tried for a little stitch but it didn't hold me for long - I had scenes to revise. And the studio is heaped with a lot of raw material right now, all of it nagging at me quietly. I'm thinking I'll shove it all into the closet and close the doors until the next rainy day.

Or have a big damn yard sale.

I've been working on the high gardens - redoing and replacing the dirt in the long boxes and clay pots.
This diffenbachia was a wedding gift from our friend Donald. We named it Louie years ago. With almost no care, Louie persists, but a repotting was long overdue.

Way down at the bottom was a thick old stem and a tangle of roots.

I've given it a fresh start. We'll see what comes of this.

The peonies continue their fabulous, stinking riot!!


Patty said...

I'm sure Louie is happier. Root bound must be like too tight shoes.
You take care.

Joanne S said...

I don't know which part I like best--the riot of peonies or the chalk lines on the table.
I would hang the drawing on the wall.

Dakotah said...

Outdoor work often competes with stitching for me in the summer. So much easier to justify being indoors when it's cold. Oh, and I have peony envy.