Saturday, May 05, 2018

sweet saturday

 Jake and Charlie were here early. The pickup has been languishing for a couple of months. It's been needing a new fuel pump. Mission accomplished. Now, all I have to do is figure out why it doesn't have a current registration sticker!  I know we celebrated back in October when it passed the necessary emissions. Jake tells me that lowlifes will steal the stickers right off the plates! Let's hear it for the lowlifes and hope that's the case.

Meanwhile, I got to watch another artist's process. He's very interested in the names of things, like marigolds and bluebirds - the one who pooped on my car!

We had a fun few hours.

Later,  a friend with a chainsaw came by and those massive hedges in front of the house have been pared back drastically. Long overdue!


  1. Sweet life! Love your selfie friend.

  2. I can certainly believe that people steal stickers. They can't get the vehicle to pass inspection so why not just steal a sticker. Your son got any ideas on how to get you a duplicate? Or do you have to pay again????

    So jealous that you have peonies in bloom.

  3. Anonymous5:41 PM

    In May, I discovered one vehicle was supposed to've been inspected in February. Sometimes, I think I'm turning into my mother. That would've been a classic move on her part.

    Your peony is beautiful!

  4. I was in and out of the DMV in less than ten minuted. The replacement sticker cost me 8$...whew! And yesterday I cut a couple of the peonies for Jake and Charlie to take home to Missy and Jake called me from the road. They had to ditch the flowers because they were full of ants! I had forgotten how ants live inside the blossoms!!!


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