Wednesday, July 03, 2019


I spent the afternoon observing the pure joy of a child soaking up the pleasure of being 'of' the water. His phrase.

He willingly shed the floats for a while. No fear in finding his own buoyancy, the power in his arms and legs. True child of my clan.


  1. Love seeing this. Hours and hours of pleasure

  2. We stay in until we are pruney. The best sleep tonight.

  3. A boy in his watery joy. Such coincidence as I just put a video in the mail addressed to "Charlie" c/o you as a very-belated birthday gift. Sent via the cheap rate it's due around the llth.

  4. being "of the water" ... wise child

  5. When we used to go to Florida to visit friends there-I was in the pool all day.. floating. I also stayed until I was prune-e and slept soundly. Loved seeing this and reading your words.

  6. Water and sleep — aaah. Glad Charlie’s learning his love of water early!


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