Tuesday, July 02, 2019


It's a good thing I'm not a purist. I don't have enough of any one color for this project, so I'll be sneaking back into the inventory.

When I take my first dibs from a dye fest, I only take one of a particular colorway. Next time around, I'm going to be a little more greedy.

Planning on some purple-gold-brown, gray-gold-blue and other threeway sets soon.

Anyone have any suggestions or requests?

ps..I named this image for the cursing I was doing as I came to the end of a thread and had one more letter to do with that color. 


  1. If it's one you sent me, I could send back right away?

  2. No, Grace. I picked those for you. I just put a new batch out on the burning dyedeck..whatever comes along, colorwise. I'm so easy.

  3. I was going to offer the same as Grace. The Fuchsia calls to me--laughing. I know- I'm weird.

  4. loving this lettering on so many levels, especially the dots between words ... how true you are to it all


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