Saturday, July 13, 2019


All I need now is a good, firm pillow. I got a beaut from IKEA a while back. Feathers. That's what this one needs. Something with some weight.

Less than an hour ago I was drifting in the pool under a blue sky, editing a scene, listening to music. Summer noticed.

and here are the missed moments from earlier in the week. We were kinda busy. I was a bad nana and allowed Charlie to get a bit poached while we were at a friend's pool. He was so entirely freaked out when I split open an aloe leaf and slimed him. I don't know that this will become tan. His skin is like his mother's fair on fair, the whitest little white boy. My bad for his night of mild discomfort.
Thursday night I ventured across town to a bookstore where Chuck Wendig, (a pen monkey, I think he calls himself), was giving a yak about his latest book, "The Wanderers". Aside from the gorgeous cover, I was quietly excited to see a publisher take a chance on a big one, 800+ pages. In time, you'll understand.

I got there a few minutes late to find the place was packed with fans, CW just stepping up to the podium. I couldn't hear him so rather than stand there like a dummy for however long, I bought a copy and scuttled off. Now to soak it up and hope it's a good one.

That's the library's copy of "Where the Crawdads Sing" under it. I found a typo - a wrong word actually - in the first thirty pages. Reading as a writer can be a pain in the ass.


  1. LOVE this. Beautifully done

  2. For me, a bigger time suck than facebook!

  3. love how daring your embroidery is, wondering what did fvcks mean in the medieval era?

  4. So do you fix the typo or let it go?

  5. I wouldn't know who to write to about a typo in a book that's been on the bestseller list for months.

  6. I almost always find at least one typo in any book I read ... and I remember back in the day at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation library ... listening day after day as two authors, one reading, the other proofing, went word by word, punctuation mark by punctuation mark, through their galley.

    And poaching ... and aloe sliming ... I laughed in spite of myself. Have you read Anna Quindlen's Nanaville yet? How fraught is our responsibility to the generation that comes after our children ...

  7. oh this is too funny! I have been corresponding with this author on twitter about how to order his book. I'm certain my older son would love it. Maybe I would too. Let me know what you think.

  8. Often, in the books I take from my library-I find corrected spelling etc in the margins for one particular author-always!!!. In one book a note "who is the author referring to?" Because suddenly a new character appears who must have been written out at some point. Just that once, on one page.


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