Thursday, August 01, 2019

He's five

People say, "When did that happen? How did that happen?"

Day by day, sometimes minute by minute. They aren't all sweet and holy, but if you pay close attention, and try hard to not let it be about you, you get see them discovering themselves, digging through the layers and finding their way out of the chrysalis of babyhood.

It's so different than it was with my own boys.  A completely different kind of adventure and I am so privileged and grateful to have been a part of his life, to be Nana.


  1. to be nana ... such a gift

  2. oh, Charlie...You are Five. You are the Light in your
    Nana's heart. And you will carry that Light in Your
    heart forever.

    Love to all of us who are gifted with this delight

  3. Five!! When did that happen? What a sweet picture of you with Baby Charlie, your growing treasure.

  4. you are such an inspiration as nana
    i cannot wait to be one....ha


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