Friday, August 02, 2019

They fly away

Yesterday was his big day. An outing with his Mom and Dad and best friends to Legoland. They had a grand time.

Kindergarten starts on Monday. I'll be there in a ceremonial fashion, his Mom will be getting him ready and putting him on the bus. I'll take some pictures, grin and make light. Then I'll sit in my car and cry ugly for a while.

Today we proceeded like it was any other Friday. I got up before dawn, drove to their house to hang with him a while. Dress, have breakfast, watch a little Spongebob and then on to the wonderful sitter who watches him when I can't.

What shirt to wear? What toy to take? What music to listen to while we roll, tell stories and jokes? All the while I'm struggling to not cry because summer is over. I did not burden him with my cares. That would have been cruel.

My watch is over


  1. Sending you a hug!!!

  2. Awwwww...(((sigh)))

  3. Our 2nd to last grandchild turned 20 one will be 16 in Sept. I miss the 'baby' days of holding them on my lap!!!! Time goes by way too fast!


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