Thursday, August 22, 2019

lost treasures

Dug up from the back of a drawer. The whole crew of elders, my bowlegged groom, that Beast, me and my crew. I was keeping a grip on Shag (Jim's dog) so he wouldn't put his nose up under my dress, his favorite pastime, aside from knocking me down and nipping at me to confirm his dominance. I think my Dad was standing on a tree root, but my Grandma in her floral glory was nearly the tallest chick at the party. Bless her genes.


  1. Such a happy look on your pretty face! It seems like no time since
    I laughed with my elders' funny stories about the time before I was
    even born. I'm sure I'd love your Granny.

  2. There's an unseen story in this photograph and you have lived it through completely to this moment. Isn't life astoundingly bitter/sweet beautiful.

  3. You just made me realize that I, alone, remain.

  4. I love your gran's dress ... and the sweet smile on your face ... a wonderful picture made more so by the backstory


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