Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Not fail away

I finally took about one hundred skeins out onto the dye deck. What a messy disappointment. All I can claim is madness in the midday heat.
I saved maybe a dozen. The rest of the motley crew will get a second chance, but they may have to wait. It was one hundred degrees outside today. 

The green in the foreground below is eluding me.

The rest of today was spent at the wet office with friends. Then, I got to pick up my buddy from aftercare. We chilled with popsicles, cartoons, and tales of kindergarten adventure.


Joanne S said...

Fugitive Color. It was easier when you weren't trying for something specific.
Perhaps it lives in JoAnn's on the thread wall? One thread of 6 different greens.

Deb Lacativa said...

And Joanns, Michaels, all of them have not got one skein of thread I've created. Smug? Yes.

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