Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas...

There's a stuffed turkey almost done, folks are sleeping, lounging about, playing with the booty. I keep going to the mirror to admire the moonlight Jim bought me, just like in the song. He really knows how to make me smile. I want to make the time to curl up with "The Creative License" by Danny Gregory . The introduction lifted my heart, made me laugh and cry. For the moment though, I am compelled to keep sewing on this piece. I keep stitching things and then picking all the stitches out just like I used to do with beads. Does this mean it's time to stop?? It needs something more, some focus.

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Deb R said...

Pretty jewelry! Is that an earring or...? (Not sure from the photo what I'm looking at except that it's shiny and pretty.)

I like hos the piece you're working on is going. As far as it "needing something", to me it seems like it needs some element that ties together the horizontal and vertical planes. Right now all the vertical lines are on top and are dominating, but maybe the stitching will do that? Or maybe you want the vertical lines to be extremely dominant, in which case never mind. :-)