Sunday, December 18, 2005

the O-Bags

I don't know why I didn't post these this sooner. I was told that these steps were published in a magazine somewhere so I have to figure that it's ok to share my version. If anyone wants to get into a copyright brawl, you send your lawyer to meet my lawyer out in the parking lot and we'll let them kick each other's asses while we make stuff. Start with any size square sandwich of two fabrics that get along nicely and your choice of batt or interfacing. You know the drill - right sides together, leave a small opening in the middle of one seam so you can drag it inside out...poke around in the corners gently with a fat old crochet hook or something equally benign...I like crayons, they'll break before they hurt the fabric. Then iron it flat. Fold, stitch and if you must, embellish. I have been told by one of my sons friends that if I tarted one of these up with black lace and ribbon the Gothic Lolitas would be fighting over them. Is this something I aspire to?


Deb R said...

Oh cool, thanks for the instructions, Deb! That looks quite doable.

I'd never heard of the Gothic Lolitas before, so I checked out the website you linked to. How wild.

Hope Jim is feeling better today. I would find Karma's behavior alarming if I'd been him too, but since I'm not I loved reading the story.

arlee said...

Very kewl!!! Thanks Deb! As much as i love the thailand boxes, these are more useful!

Grangry said...

Thank you for the instructions! Now I know what to do with some of those bits!

Anonymous said...

once again you made me laugh out loud!
OK and I am a dunce! How do you use these O bags?