Monday, December 12, 2005

The Quilters Prayer


_________ Market Scene_____________...
Quiet, dark house.
A distant dryer rumbles.
Everyone home and sleeping.
Coiled cats mutter over
missed sunning opportunities, paws over their eyes.
In the market today I stood in a shaft of sunlight
glad it was coming over my shoulder,
the better to read the promises and lies
on the bottles of vitamins. After the Cs, Ds and Es,
I closed my eyes and leaned back into the warmth
resigned to indecision.
Leaning out the window of his glass prison,
the elderly pharmacist said "Bella, Signora, bella".
From some other me,I knew to smile and say "Grazie"
then turn and get on with the day, a winter bouquet added to my list.


Grangry said...

Oh! I can identify with this prayer. I have 'special' bits of fabric that I like so much I am afraid to use in case I spoil them - every now and then I take them out, drool over them a bit, then put them back.

Robbin Neff said...

love the fabric
love the poem
love the moments shared
Robbin Neff