Sunday, March 05, 2006

the Whole Cloth

Here's a view from the floor where I am doing my home made physical therapy. I can't get the colors quite right in this room. There's a lot of blue bouncing around in here and my camera doesn't like it. Mandi wanted to know HOW. The top panel is one of my top secret tube dyes and the bottom one was dyed in a mason jar and batched overnight. I sewed the two panels together and then handpainted the circles using metallic acrylic paints. I will heatset this from the backside but, since I don't have any plans of washing it, I won't worry about that too much. There will be a LOT of what I call super-garnet machine stitching and some hand appliqed pieces too.


Karoda said...

I just really love this piece...the colours are magnificient and the circles just kick it off!

Mandi aka Fabric Princess said...

Wow wow wow! Are you going to keep us in suspense? What technique did you use to do this piece? Are the circles put on afterwards? Did you spend oodles of time putting them on there? Such a gorgeous piece!

Mandi aka Fabric Princess said...

Thanks for the info! You are so patient to spend that kind of time painting on all those scrumptious circles. But if circles are "your" motif, then I get the devotion! I'm a spiral motif lover...and your piece here has inspired me!