Friday, August 18, 2006

ARRRRRGH!!! &*&#$!$)@*

That's "Pirate" for what you say when you are steaming along at a good clip quilting a piece that's turning out nicely and the darned FM foot breaks in half!! I KNEW that effing thing wasn't long for this world! It's had a funny (bad funny) looking crack in it from day one. Here it is day 600 and something and it implodes on me. ARRRRGHRGHRH!! I repeat. Sent an urgent email to a local shop reported to be a Janome dealer with fingers crossed that they have a spare hanging around just waiting to be sold at a scalpers price to a desperado like me. This has to be the Karmic payoff for keeping a second presser foot (that probably belonged to the dealer ) that was in the box when I opened it. Does anyone know of a different free motion foot - preferably with a closed ring and METAL - that works on the Janome 6500?


Joyce said...

Sounds very frustrating. I use a Pfaff and am lucky enough to have a dealer in the nearest town who does repairs onsite and has a lot of presser feet and parts available. THat was one of the main reasons I went with Pfaff.

arlee said...

If you're brave and it's hooped enough, try it without a foot---JUST WATCH YOUR FINGERS!! You have to hold the fabric with a bit of pressure down at the needle area, say 2 inches from---dangerous and only short term fix as it gets tiring, but maybe until you replace the foot?

My Deepest Sympathies on its Demise :}

Karoda said...

Deb, I know you need an immediate answer to this, but I'm going to email my friend who made a suggestion of another brand foot that has more visibility...I just can't remember what she is using.

Corky said...

Deb - as a co-moderator on the Janome list I SHOULD know this without even thinking about it because it's been discussed a number of times. There is a Viking foot that everyone on the list is really happy with. I can't recall the info on it right now, but will try to get that to you. (I also don't know if it's closed or open.)

LuLu said...

that's my machine, too. I think a Big Foot will fit on it.

I recently purchased an entirely different machine to do my FMQ because the needle on the Janome is set so far back under the front edge of the machine that the light doesn't shine where you're working. On my new Baby Lock (equivalent to the Juki TL98Q) the needle is set further forward in the machine head and the light is ideal.
Oops, I didn't mean to get off subject. I do love my Janome, but visibility has been a challenge when FMQ. Try a big foot and let me know what you think
good luck
Linda McCurry