Tuesday, July 14, 2009

blog vacation

Continuing the break here until my Eyes, My Hands and my Art Heart remember how to get along together again. No point in throwing good raw materials in the crapper. For the moment picture three willful children standing in the corner pouting, unrepentant and perfectly willing to eat worms until they all get their way.


  1. Happy Vacation Deb!
    Please, give up on the worms....
    Did you really eat worms as a kid? Your poor Mother.

  2. i was thinking about eating some worms just the other day. have a nice break.

  3. a.n.t.9:18 AM

    "Think I'm gonna eat some worms...
    Add a lil mustard, taste like custard...think I'll eat some worms today!"

    Good to take a break when art heart is in turmoil...miss you!

  4. hangeth in Deb...everything will be back in alignment soon...its the way it flows :)


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