Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Step One

A good friend sent me this artistic lifeline in response to my sulking. "The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts." Marcus Aurelius Go on, repeat it three or four times. Have you ever been riding a good horse who suddenly shifted up into a canter without your inept urging as if to say "This is how it's done." Even the rhythm is thrilling.


  1. Anonymous6:42 AM

    that's the way it's done.....yup

  2. Ooh... that is a good one!

  3. a.n.t.8:55 AM

    aaaaaaah, see - there you are...beautiful, gentle colors, delighting the eye this morning...wonderful...

  4. ah, yes, kinda shakes the lint out ;)

  5. I've enjoyed catching up on all the posts I've missed and its good to see your mood change for the better. You quite scared me with your sulks!

  6. i am glad i am learning how to knit cause when me and my machine are not seeing eye to eye, well, i say fine then, and pick up the ol needles are work on something else. i bought one of those cricut expressions last fall, havent even installed the blade yet. i know all this really great stuff i want to do with it but am sort of anxious about the whole thing. there is a scrap booking shop...for keeps menominee and i am going to take a little drive (major drive). she has one that she lets her students use. her classes do not start until the fall but i would like to learn how to use this awesome piece of equipment i bought. they even sell what i would call a thermofax/screen printer in one. i prefer my thermofax cause it is much more versital. i make my own paint with procion dyes and use a small foam roller with the screens. you can really cover a lot of cloth picking up the screen, placing it down, zoom with the roller, pick it up and hit another area of cloth. geez...sure hope it still works. i really gotta get down and clean that basement!!!!!!


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