Thursday, July 30, 2009

Finally, a break in the grisly weather if not some sunshine! There's been some stitching going on. Here's the start of another summer fling. This time I chose a hard road - for the first time all the applique work will be all hand dyed damasks. As pesky as it is to needleturn, the weight and drape of the results will be worth the trouble. My brother is preparing the traditional Useted family birthday cake for my sister Pat. It's an icebox cake made from chocolate wafer cookies stuck together with whipped cream. The Katonah Thrift shop is having a big sale (all you can cram into a bag for 1$!) and then it's off to Somers Manor to visit with Mom for while.


  1. Icebox!!!!!!!! Boy is that a blast from the past. I was absolutely terrified of the man how delivered the ice but, do I really remember him for do I remember hearing the story being told a thousand times in my life time.

  2. still working on the same fling.

  3. God, I loved those icebox cakes with chocolate wafers!

  4. Deb, have you ever considered running a line of washable Elmer's around the outline of your applique pieces on the damask before cutting them out? It sort of stiffens the edge a bit so when you turn it, it doesn't get away from you (or fray) quite so badly. Once finished, it just washes out and it's really easy to do. I just run a bead around the outline and sort of smear it with my finger a bit to widen it then cut through the middle of the glue. You can also turn the edge under and hit it with an iron to make it sort of stay turned under.
    Just a thought.

  5. Delta - thanks for the tip. I've been worrying about that with this piece in particular. I turn the pieces as I stitch and try to get at least a slim 1/4 inch under but I worry that there will be fraying with use/wear. I will give the glue trick a try.


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