Sunday, November 10, 2013

outside comes in

I've brought most of my houseplants  up to Jim's sitting room into the east facing window. There's probably a lizard or two in there but time will tell.

This Christmas cactus is a great grand daughter sprung from stems from my mother's plants  that I brought down from NY years ago. She has made a fine recovery from the day one of the cats decided to climb up on it and mash it into a cozy nest.

It's been a tough week for Jim physically and emotionally..the wedding, the travel, strange foods and round of chemo tossed on top just for fun. 
This weekend we rest.


Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Here's hoping that rest and the beautiful plants will help him to grow stronger... not to mention the feline nursing staff and you!

Ms. said...

The vibrant color of your blooming cactus will surely vibrate right through the air to you both. May you be well together.

Ms. said...

The vibrant color waves of that lovely blooming cactus are sure to waft through the air to both of you. May you be well together.

Nancy said...

Bringing in the beautiful plants has to be a mood lifter. Here's hoping for better days ahead.