Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday things

Things in my line of sight and thoughts this Friday.  I litter my desktop with images and thought it would be something to share here.

These are camellias. They grow practically wild here in Georgia, but not on my land. I'll have to find some and move them here.

This is from an artist's studio that Colin is building. The owner wants to use recycled materials whenever possible. A stack of windows was rescued from a dumpster area yesterday. Today they are back doing their work.

Two very elder tuxedo cats that I know are hanging in there, living the good life.

We like to believe that they know how good they have it, but I think they are so perfectly self-contained that anything less would never occur to them.

Big Mama Blue now has a tribe and will get a fresh coat of paint herself, once pollen season passes. I waited a few days too long.

And of!

1 comment:

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

YES!!!!...the windows!!!!!! Twins of the ones that daughter and i
salvaged to use in the ROOM....YES and YES...oh, how much i
love seeing this and tell Colin thank you for doing this kind
of work...this is GREAT for me to see today....