Tuesday, February 07, 2017

old habits get in the way

My stitching is too tight, too studied. Formulaic. I need to stitch drunk, maybe..

It's too soon to be this specific, this defined. Here's to the joy of picking out hasty stitching.

On a happier front, a brief raw materials hunt today yielded a couple acres of the most incredible cloth I've come across in a long time. Winter white sheets with a density and hand that comes close to chambray. Can't wait to see how this stuff takes up with the dye. It's going to be my '17 debut cloth.  There was no makers label,  only this:

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Joanne S said...

There have been posts about blind cross stitch. From the back.
And the running stitch and also what Jude Hill calls the invisible something stitch which binds two fabric together. You don't need to use decorative stitches.-- unless you want to, there's also kantha
the sewer can feel the tiny bumps of the top stitch but it is actually quite invisible. I tried it on some little 2 inch blocks I was handsewing into four patch. On the ¼ inch seam allowances so they would lie flat. Loved it--now looking for other ways to try this stitch. I did them by hand because going to find the iron to press them flat seemed like too much work.

I think blind stitching is something Dorothy Caldwell does on her first day of classes.
Good find on the cotton sheet. I had one made my LLBEAN that was chambray. Wore down to the smoothest, softest surface.