Friday, May 08, 2020

psycho spring

I shouldn't complain about today's all-day rain and cold. Others in the north will see their baby plants go under a blanket of snow that could stick around long enough to kill things. 

The rain set in and it got so dark, I had to stop stitching. Going has been slow on this one. Deliberate.
It became a "sleep with the cats" kind of day.

Yesterday was as perfect as the weather gets in Georgia. Clear, dry, sunny with just enough breeze to carry the scent of Confederate jasmine if you're lucky and Bradford pear trees if you're not. Nice enough to decide that a ride with my co-pirate to the carwash would be a cool thing.

He was just so glad to see me after a long day of home school with his friend Mattie and her Mom. There's a basket on the seat next to him full of his things- small toys, books, a journal, and a set of markers - all things he chose himself that live in my car. He held the basket on his lap a moment, stirred things around, and said, "My friends."

He was fast asleep ten minutes down the road, didn't even wake up when we drove through the carwash. Back at his house, I parked in the shade and let him nap a while in what must have been the blessed comfort of familiarity.


Mo Crow said...

(((Deb))) you make such good magic!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

aw, Charlie

Marilee said...

My kids used to fall asleep the minute we were on the road. I miss that. Rest easy, Charlie. Gram's got you safe.

Liz A said...

love that lettering ... and how sweet they are in sleep, how smile-inducing when awake