Monday, May 18, 2020


I know y'all must be sick of seeing these by now, but this was yesterday. Today they are gone. I haven't looked yet but there was a pretty heavy rainstorm in the last few hours. I hope the wind didn't knock the vase over.

Salem and I were waiting for a friend to arrive. After much sweat, swearing, and soil stabbing, the irises have all been rehomed to make room for my annual extravagance of annuals and anything else I can coax out of the dirt from seed.  Note demon Baily at 3 o'clock preparing to raid our tranquility. 

Earlier in the day, I continued the studio rummaging turned up actual elastic, both quarter and half-inch, and a bunch of small shreds that had been bundled together with what intent I don't
recall. I do remember that Timeless Treasures check was once a two-yard cut. It made me dizzy to look at then and now. This is all that's left of it.

work continues here. LESSON. I should have done a mockup on paper instead of scribbling directly onto the cloth. The words and lines are crowded, and the letterforms are too studied, but it's growing on me.

the last glorious hurrah.


  1. I love seeing your sidebar words finding their way into cloth ...

    would love to know how you stitch your letters ... I've always worked so small and feel pulled to go larger ...

    1. I'm in a few FB groups and have a lot of requests. I'd make a video, but I only have two hands. A post will do...coming up.

    2. I know what you mean about videography ... how does Jude do it???

  2. I'd never get sick of seeing peonies in bloom. Out of three bushes, I only had ONE blossom this year. Old Man Frosty got all the rest. Looking forward to the letter stitching post!


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