Thursday, October 29, 2020

Very old school.


We had little damage but no power still after 16 hours. Looks like I may actually have clean out that fridge for real. A little old school for me is fine. 

The day (and tomorrow) was blessed with his incessant energy.

I love this table. The perfect play place. Jim made several from scraps from solid wood doors. Some kind of composite that weighs a ton. 

 I brought this along. Silly me. Maybe tomorrow after another day of homeschooling.


Liz A said...

No power is a drag, but I'm glad you have a connection to the ether

Joanne S said...

I have had to empty the fridge and freezer into the garbage can too many times.
Maine's attachment to electric power is "iffy" at best. Summer Fall or Winter.

tonight on the news- shortages already as people are hoarding supplies for the holidays. Milk.
I might not participate. In hoarding. I have TP. Flour and Yeast. Enough sugar?
Pasta- plenty. As long as I have canned beans and bread and cheese for grilled cheese.- we're good.
And weekly pizza. I will need pepperoni. Will see if any is still in store on Monday.

We had a coffee table when the kids were small. I gave it to a friend years and years later- she turned it over and the underside was covered in drawings made by 2, 3, 4 year old kids.. She wanted to return it- I asked for a photo- which she was happy to provide.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

the much, YES.

Liz A said...

and it occurs to me that Charlie has enough energy to power the world ... if only it could be bottled ;)