Sunday, November 01, 2020

The October Rains



These two were the only ones I held back for myself.
Mad restraint, you say? 
No. Just no more room in the lunch box and I really need to step away from the stitching chair for a while.

Dirty Threads and Fat Baggies are restocked and ready for commerce.  This is it until Spring, 2021.

I'll get to the scarves tomorrow. Need to get out and gather my thoughts with my steps.


Hazel said...

An especially gorgeous round!

Liz A said...

dare I say "jewel tones"? ... truly they are rich!

Deb Lacativa said...

Overcooked, but I wasn't going out there in the rain to rescue them.

Jewel tones! I dare anyone to sneer and say that in my presence!

Joanne S said...

If those are "overcooked" then make mine that way forever and forever. Deliciously overdone.