Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Red


What did I know of this Red thread? Nothing. All I knew was that when I got him off the bus yesterday it was so warm we left without any kind of jacket. This morning for the ride home, I dug this shirt out of my closet. How old? The badges are from Jake's cub scout days. I was a den mom for a season. Jim did the overnight camping thing. I was happy when he quit.

It's a really cozy fleecy stuff. I might have worn it once. If I chop off half the sleeves, it will make him a nice bathrobe.

I don't wear red. Some hot pinks and rust once in a great while, but red? Nope.

I use it very sparingly in my work.

I think I OD'ed on hot colors in 2007. Every time I take this one out and unroll it, I'm shocked.

                                                                            "Limbo"   38" x 68"     2007  


Nancy said...

I'm not much for red either, but I do have that "fingerpaint" print quilting cotton in red that I've used a lot :) Love seeing your lil guy!

Liz A said...

my closet is full of rusts trending toward orange (think madder, not the fruit) ... so even though I purposefully collected red linen clothing at the thrift store, I guess it's no great surprise that very little of it has ever been used up until now

Don, on the other hand, looks great in red ... like Charlie ... it must be a guy thing ;)