Friday, July 23, 2021

cloth and words - riding the whirlwind.


I don't know if it's my eyes, the monitor, or the camera in my cell phone but some of these fabrics are impossible to capture digitally.

Grace called them Receiving Cloths - the fabric that I put on the table underneath the skeins of thread when I dye them. This lot, including these silk(?) bloomers from the '40s, came up very Monet Gardens colorwise. I've churned a lot of them into the scrap basket.

The threads - and there are a LOT of them - wait to be put in families of six and have their picture taken. Hope to get some of that done by Monday. If you want a custom set, email me:  deborah at lacativa dot com.

There are three Mystery Bundles left in the store

On the writing front, I'm learning everything the hard way, as usual, but it's getting done. I just ordered copies of the paperbacks that I'm going to sign for friends and family who don't/ or can't use e-readers. I get that entirely.

I'm still futzing with KDP to make all three seasons show up as a series. Anybody buying book one alone is going to be annoyed as hell even though the description clearly states that the book is a serial told in three parts.

for fun and on the side, I'm still working in the whine mine full time, being the GC on the house renovations, and anticipating Charlie's first day of second grade which will be digital. 

Pray that it's safe for them to attend in person, but this is Georgia. I don't feel bad for what I think he's missing. It's a different world these kids live in.

I remember getting in trouble in school because I refused to participate in duck and cover drills.

I had read Hiroshima and knew there was no safety. I remember bringing the slim paperback to the librarian and asking her if it was a true story. She snatched it from my hands and said, "Have you already read it?" I had.
She put it on the shelf behind the desk and said, "I'm sorry to tell you that it is."
I was nine or ten.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

as always...LOVE and SWOON over the Receivers

Marilee said...

At least the librarian was honest. And I love your colors. They always remind me of luscious jellies and jams.

Joanne S said...

They gave us the polio vaccine twice I think- or was it three times?
The sugar cube and then the shot. At school- no permission slip.
President was republican. I'm pretty sure he was. Eisenhower.

And chicken pox (now Shingles)- we all slept in same bed so we'd all get them at the same time.
Didn't work.

Cozy Knitting said...

When I was in grade school, I got up to give my book report. It was The Lord of the Flies. My teacher shot me down almost immediately. It was not on the "approved" list, and she said I was too young to understand it. My mother marched into the teacher's classroom and explained that it was approved by her and that she always reads the books before my brothers and I read them. There was always discussions after we read them. So she explained to this teacher that I did understand the book. She also told the Superintendent that there would be no censorship in school for any child that had permission from its parents that s/he could read it. All three of us were reading by age four. My younger brother was reading Edgar Rice Burroughs by first grade. I was also in first or second grade when we were lined up in the cafeteria to get a sugar cube. Every child in the school got the sugar cube. Then adults were lined up for shots. No one questioned the need for vaccination. No one protested. The doctor also quarantined families that had contagious diseases. A huge yellow sign went up on the door. People would leave food items, books, and presents for us on the doorstep. I never got chicken pox or measles. So now that I am in my 70's, I am danger. The dr. told me I could get chicken pox and shingles at the same time.