Saturday, July 10, 2021

I feel the need for....


..color and some fun in territory that I know well. 

Between the house stuff and the book marketing that I'm supposed to be learning about, I've been spending a lot of time feeling cornered, which is a bullshit waste of time.

Rain or shine, I'll be dyeing thread and some cloth tomorrow. The whole process may take longer than usual, but the Dirty Thread store will be restocked soon. 

Baby needs eight well-established crape myrtles come fall. I still haven't seen the house from the street, but I have seen the shocked look on Jake and Colin's faces. Two more groves like the one up by the mailbox will be perfect. A tree planted on each point of the compass in a circle about ten feet apart will give us the privacy back. Eventually. 

My thread stash is packed tight, and yet, something is missing. Greens to blues? Somewhere in that neighborhood. I need to weed this box the way I did the River Basket. I feel a giveaway coming on.

In a few, I'll be suiting up to be the waterbird when we pull the tarp off the pool. All the rain is on top of the tarp and will have to be siphoned off. Will the pool water be cold or warm? I'll find out soon.


Hazel said...

Your threads inspired a gift in progress, a way to keep them all fitting into their box. Looking forward to the "In Print" announcement!

Liz A said...

"greens to blues" ... yes please

Joanne S said...

You can send something to me. I have sorted and see that I have, in fact, used up a lot...while I wasn't paying attention. How does that happen? What can I send YOU???? Tell me.

KarenLS said...

Greens to blues, and blues to purple sound great! A little teal throw in for good measure! Can you tell which side of the color wheel I favor?