Thursday, September 23, 2021



Let a fine day begin with long-awaited new shoes arriving just in time. AND, miracle of miracles, they fit and do not offend my fashion insensibilities. In the past month, I have bought four pairs of shoes online and sent all of them back. Shopping in person is even harder when you wear 10W.  

The crown and heart of this day was a surprise ice cream social for my co-pirate and his bestie since pre-K.

We scarfed up the ice cream, wished we had brought sweaters, and just watched these two spiral around each other. She will be moving away in a few weeks, but for now, the joy overcomes the sorrow of the days ahead. I think they will keep in touch.

I bought myself a traditional derelict bouquet from the nearly dead bin and cooked for myself something that was not whatever slammed between two slices of bread.  


You can see my hairy friend waiting for me to look away so she could lick the plate.

I wish there had been wine. Still, I corrected my chemistry, put on some music, and stalked the internet boyfriend for a while.

All of this in an effort to NOT keep checking on the stats of my first ever advertising promotion for the book. This screengrab for book one of the trilogy was the peak. Color me thrilled.


Liz A said...

what a day ... but so sad to learn Charlie's best bud is leaving

and yeah, I get it ... stalking those ratings like a cat waiting for dinner to be over

jude said...

my bestie moved to alaska, still in touch.
and what liz said.

deemallon said...

I’m in touch with both BFFs from second grade. And, I have been watching your Amazon numbers. Damn girl. Those are truly significant and somethings to be proud of!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Emrie looked looooooonng at the Besties Pics......i don't know
what she was thinking....she wasn't in to telling....just looking.