Sunday, September 19, 2021

Not so very social media

 Starting this conversation with a long, hard look at some things that are hanging all around me. 

That they are here is not so much depressing, but an indictment of my scatteredness.  

Between homeless pieces of art and peddling Prophets Tango, it seems like lately most of my ram is devoted to marketing. I am out of ram this morning. 

I was geared up to a small promotion on FB tomorrow - a group of 90K+ potential readers- BUT the Zuck threw me in jail for a comment that Violated Community Standards. I'm sure many of you belong to Guerilla Sewing. Someone posted a set of fabulous gallery shots of her work. Large, in-hoop embroidered pieces that included LED accents that illustrated online icons and images. Wonderful, engaging work. Once piece done on vintage doilies had SEND NUDES. It made me laugh out loud. 

I commented "SEND NUDES....hilarious and wonderful" and was instantly banned from FB for 24 hours.  Zuck would be getting on my last nerve, but I won't give him the power.  Fuck you FaceBook.


Joanne S said...

Wow- you're a member of the Rebel Forces. Sorry you missed out on the Book Stuff.

Deb Lacativa said...

Just a day's delay is all.

wordybird said...

so zuck-the-fuck can foment ethnic cleansing in Myanmar and you get the boot for a simple comment.

Deb Lacativa said...

Isn't that some shit? I wonder if her post is still up. Wonderful stuff in that very large group, but they've worn most of the ideas out. That one made me laugh out loud.