Sunday, January 02, 2022

missing hands on


 Imiss making. Everything is packed away, boxed, and closeted. Mostly I miss it because the immediate task at hand is unmaking. Taking apart my life and Frankensteining into an as-yet unimagined new design, like one of those little plastic number puzzles where you slide the numbers around to make order.

Going through piles of stuff and not being moved to save it from the trash bag is giving me soul callouses.

I hate interior decorating. For the first time in memory, I have to decide what goes where and I'm spending way too much time staring inwardly at a blank canvas. There is no spatial imagination.

 It's going to be a long winter.

Addendum!   Page of Pentacles. It's time to hit the KDP books. 

Nuts & bolts time. Feng Shui, anyone?


Liz A said...

"all shall be well and all shall be well"

hoping you will find your way to rest and solitude sufficient to each day

jude said...

that is one well stitched heart

deemallon said...

I hear your lament and I want you to be kind to yourself as you willingly and wholeheartedly upend your home to accommodate your family during a tough transition. I also happen to know how much of your creative being is listening to your characters. That takes energy. It’s not nothing.

Nancy said...

Thinking of you as these changes happen and then become settled (because they will, right?) In giving your family this gift...perhaps other gifts will become known and come to you as well. (((hugs)))