Saturday, June 11, 2022

Time compressed like a spine


It's been a strange and revelatory week. 
Monday thunder sputtered in muggy skies. Everyone, even the cats, was bored, unsettled, and mildly cranky. An outing to the park and library fell through due to the building heat and disinterest. We got home and the heavens opened to bright blue skies. Two solid hours of sunbaked pool time restored us before the rain closed in, cool and soothing. I imagined this was the first day of my retirement. (more about that soon.)

Naps, snacks, and some reading wove the day back together. Charlie read to me from a graphic novel called "Dogman: A Tale of Two Kitties". He gleaned the meaning of words like "intrepid", "specific", "cowardice" and "melancholy" from the visuals and the context. As silly and funny as the story was, it was magical to watch him sink into it sometimes forgetting to read aloud until I said, "And?" 

Then I read a line from my book to him. "Because freedom, I am told, is nothing but the distance between the hunter and its prey." from "On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous" by Ocean Vuong.  
He said, "That's too much for me. Can I go watch some cartoons?" He was right, of course.

Each day, we have leftover dinner for breakfast, Sonic for lunch, and time spent with Legos, stitching, multiplication drills, and swimming. But the days are cramped and restricted by my inability to walk any distance, carry anything significant, or lift anything because of the pain in my back. I am constantly tired because I cannot sleep at night.

At Dee's prompting, I made The Call and lucked into a cancellation appointment with the bone doctor early Thursday morning. Physical therapy was ruled out and we went straight to drugs. Oral steroids, narcotics, and Ibuprophen, with spinal injections coming up soon. Relief was almost immediate.

By noon I was fresh out of flying fucks and feeling no pain. Bless Colin for being on hand for Charlie. Bless them both for giving me the time, space, and peace I needed to reach equilibrium in time to get back in the water, relax and soak up some sun with the Beach Boys serenading us. 

My evening was capped off by the remarkable broadcast of the Jan.6 opening hearing. Anyone who watched has to know that they have been eyewitnesses to history and that what will unfold in the coming days of testimony will be riveting. 

These two pictures were taken just a few minutes apart. Great changes can happen in a very short period of time. Momentous changes.


deemallon said...

Glad you’ve gotten a little relief. The stuff here about reading was great. Charlie’s smart as a whip, it sounds like. As much for knowing sophisticated words as for knowing what’s too much for him.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

all this Deb...all of it. Was what i needed but didn't know what to need, but just knew i needed something that i couldn't know but here it is. in context of your life, but mine also and so
what i needed.

Nancy said...

Deb~ That Charlie! He made me truly laugh out loud 🙂 What a wise young man he is.
Things truly can change like that! (hear me snapping my fingers)
I'm sorry for your pain and glad for some relief. Yesterday was one year for J. and his sciatica issue. The not walking, stamina, etc. yes to it all. We know.
Big Love to you.

Joanne S said...

Been thru all that with husband. Happy that you found relief in the meds- husband did not. but somehow we got to the other side ......I will keep my fingers crossed for retirement. I don't miss the work but I do- so very much--miss the people. Float in the pool for me.......I did so love to do that on Florida vacations.