Wednesday, June 29, 2022



These past few days s have taken a toll on all decent people. 

Myself, swinging between the horror show of the less than supreme court trying to shove us all back to Mayberry and the vengeful glee of watching the Jan.6 hearings has me so outside of myself. As it should be. These matters concern all of us. Fuck anyone who would put their heads in the sand.

So, some large batches of self-care and a contracting of concerns for me. 

Readying unfinished pieces for possible inclusion in a gallery show in August had me digging through the closet. Missing tools and materials were found. A degree of order was restored. 

The River Basket purged of wishful thinking and stocked with real work. 

Finding works so disconnected from my psyche that I left them untitled.  What was going on in my head?

I'll have to dig into the archives and figure that one out.

"Night Gardener" is so close to my heart that, if it's chosen,  I am going to put a ridiculous price on it. It wants a sleeve and signature.

That kind of handwork is good for me.

And first thing this morning, a trip to day surgery for injections in my back that I hope will put me back upright and on two feet. Nightwalking would be so sweet.

Starting tomorrow, ferrying Charlie to day camp. A little time together that I've missed. 

Valium is everything I remembered it to be and wrote for Anna in Prophets Tango.  
A downy cradle. A softening of all sharp edges. A sweetener of anything delightful. Protection. 

I also know it to be a deceiver.

My firstborn will be 42 tomorrow. It was 100 degrees daily when he finally arrived three weeks late. A Cancer rather than the Gemini I plotted. Ever and eternally the tenderhearted contrarian. I'm so grateful for his good humor, decency and artist's heart.


Thank you, Colin, for everything.


Joanne S said...

I am also deeply grateful for Colin and these gorgeous pictures that should be in a book.
that I could buy. The guy has a real eye......

Gary got out of the BACk PAIN spiral with exercises. He has a series given to him by Physical Therapy and he did them slowly each day. Stretching the cranked muscles in his back. It tok many many months of daily's a wonder humans stand upright.

Joanne S said...

are those Lear Jets?

Deb Lacativa said...

Quite possibly. LZU is a small airport with many private planes parked there. Colin herds and feeds them.

Belaat said...

Ah, that life slowly swings back to an equilibrium - a great gift.

Liz A said...

can't imagine putting anything but NFS on the "Night Gardener" ...

please let us know if Colin ever compiles his work into a photobook ... amazing stuff! ... meantime, happy birthday season to you both

deemallon said...

Night Gardener is a keeper! A friend once told me that a price has to be high enough to bar regret. It’s an amazingly good tool for ensuring you don’t underprice things.

Happy birthday to Colin! May his artist eye keep clicking!

Nancy said...

Happy belated to Colin!! He takes the most stunning photos! "Night Gardener" is indeed a beauty, a keeper! (((hugs)))