Sunday, July 03, 2022

the abandoned


This one was started under other, more hopeful stars.

Pretty sure I abandoned it because of that rust color. The old damask is so fragile and I put it through the tortures of the damned the first time around the dye deck.

I'll keep plugging away on it this time. There's a clock ticking silently in my life and passing time needs to be fruitful.

In the Great Closet Toss, a small box of sharp things turned up. Dee, they are still a wonder.

That thread appears to have been dyed just for this cloth.  Happenstance, I assure you and that's the last of it. Another yard, maybe. My thread box is getting pretty bare.

She just strolled into the studio and climbed onto the ottoman where I set this down for a moment.

This is very unusual behavior for Sweetie. I put it down to upset over the insane level of fireworks in the neighborhood. It's as if she knows it's far from over.

Maybe she thinks it should be a cat pillow.


deemallon said...

I am so enjoying the resurrection of older and bigger works.

Assisi scissors! I use mine all the time.

Joanne S said...

Ah, remembering Dee's time in Italy. Happy that the cloth and thread are going along together.......

Nancy said...

Glad for your time spent fruitfully. Those scissors are cool and the cloth a wonder!

Liz A said...

couldn’t help but think how much the Webb Telescope images look like your dyed cloth