Thursday, August 18, 2022

August 18, any year.


August 18 has always been an auspicious day for me, on many occasions and for many reasons. 

Laugh out loud times, tears in my eyes times, and the sound of that sweet inner bell saying "Do it!"

So many memorable 8/18s, that at some point in the middle of Summer's last laugh, I always take notice, connect the dots and remember them.

No random pull for me today. I picked all of these for myself. Like the day.

I have walked away from the day job. No regrets. For thirteen years it has both sustained and confounded me. I'm grateful that it was never more than a way to make money and now, time matters more than money. Roll on. 


Liz A said...

Our oldest grandchild just hit the road, heading out for her freshman year in college … and I just pulled a cake out of the oven for the littlest grandchild’s third birthday … feeling all the feels

Nancy said...

Time. Season. Sometimes a collaboration, sometimes a surprise. This is sure one gorgeous sky!!

Liz A said...

so yes ... I scrolled through your Augusts looking for 18ths, with the 5th Dimension singing in my head ... and what I most loved was watching Charlie getting younger and younger ... until he became the tiniest little feet nestling in your hands ...