Monday, August 01, 2022



What a treat yesterday was. Away from the house, out in nature. Visiting with people most of whom I haven't seen in over a year, probably more. Family, friends, food in an amazing setting. 

Jake and Missy did an amazing job all around. We will be eating leftover bbq and sides for days which means, everyone had all they could hold at the party.

Lake Hartwell is a good two-hour drive from home but absolutely worth the drive. It's been a while since I've had Jack Flash out on the big road and forgot how easily we ease into 90 miles an hour. And still, there were cars that blew by me so fast, I couldn't tell you what they were! 

Then, off the main road, the map voice took me winding through a few small towns that made me think of 1950's movie sets and endless stretches of fields of (stunted!) corn and those giant rolls of hay.

The water is warm and soft, flecks of mica stuck all over everyone. There were the water people (twice what you see here) and the lawn chair folk up the bank in the shade. Not everyone has gills, but you know where I was most of the time. What a day!

Charlie and I were sharing a giant pool noodle and one of the little girl cousins paddled nearby. I asked him her name, but he gestured broadly and said, "This is my TRIBE." It wasn't so much about a birthday as it was just gathering. Of course, the birthday song was sung with cupcakes all 'round. 


CJ said...

Growing like a weed! Pure family goodness eating and floating. We spent a six month gig workamping for the US Corp of Engineers coordinating the life jacket loaner program and helping with water safety training at local schools in GA and SC. Love that lake system. Cool and clean.

Nancy said...

Splendid Deb!

deemallon said...

Looks fun! “This is my tribe!” What a kid. What an observation!

Deb Lacativa said...

Dee, it almost made me cry, I was so happy for him. It made me realize how hard it's been being disconnected from our NY tribe all those years.