Monday, November 28, 2022


It's in here somewhere.

I have a new denim jacket - my Dixie Mink - and I want to either stitch this high on the sleeve or stitch another (as if) directly to the shirt. Problems abound.
A. I can't find this one.
B. I have NO red, even warmish, dirty thread in my stash. In fact, my stash is so vanilla these days, every time I open the box, I get sad and just shut it.

That sad thing. I'm at a place where I'm deciding if I want to eat a big hunk of the shitty, sad pie that I have been baking for myself daily. 

Or not. Decision made.
The remedies (and the results) are much tastier. 

I hate being web-coy, but it's not all about me, so, more facts in time. 

As I rummaged through my stash for the heart, I found snips of red-hot fun everywhere. For now, I'm resisting the urge to build a heart from these scraps because I won't be happy with the outcome. 
Doing for the sake of doing never does it for me. Ever. 



Joanne S said...

Classic the Shoemaker has no Shoes story. Deb L has no Red.

And it's cold on the back dye deck. Should we all tuck a scrap of red in an envelope and send it to you????
We CAN. Just let us all know......... Or if reading this...just go ahead and send it.
I have Tomato Red linen. It's coming your way.

Nancy said...

I once sewed hearts on the sleeves of my work t-shirts. Have considered sewing targets high on the back, hidden by my hair, perhaps, but have not done so.
Stitch well my friend.