Sunday, January 22, 2023

connectors for flow

This one has been troubling me, the overall look of the thing (a good picture might have been nice) was disconnected, and scattered. Without flow. 
Pacing off, broken.

Gaps too large for mere lines to bridge. Worse than plot holes. Continental drifts of space.

Then I remembered the Orbs. Bubbles of color in cloth and stitch, echoing curves. Stepping stones.

Each one like a conversation with a character.
Who are you?
Who do you care about?
What do you want?
Can you live without it?

It's working. It will be a matter of choosing just the right colors and knowing when to quit. 



Liz A said...

bubbles of color ... baubles of cloth ... and I love how you bridge the processes stitching and writing with thought

jude said...

knowing when to quit is my biggest challenge