Saturday, November 25, 2006

More company for Dinner

Look who heard there was a turkey carcass heading for the trashcan. He just couldn't wait another minute and came tapping on the back door. I have no idea where the Kat Krew is at the moment - probably at the neighbors house playing poker with Angel and Orangelo.


  1. Anonymous1:39 AM

    Ummm, pardon my ignorance - what IS this critter?

  2. Is that a possum? We have had raccoons at the door and one even broke into the house to get at some fruit I had ready for a fruit salad the next morning. THey are not nearly as cute in real life as this guy is.

  3. We have Raccoons all the time but there ain' no 'possums here although apparently they have made it past Toronto.
    Marsupials are quite interesting and I hear that when they play 'possum that it is very stinky!
    Sort of cute eh?

  4. They're not cute in person, that's for certain...

  5. At one time they were the common folks chicken being free and an easy catch. There are still jokes about "road-kill du jour" in local dinners.

    Personally, I have never been that hungry, EVER.

    As to "playin' possum" I can attest to the fact that if they are playing dead and you try to pick one up by the tail it show you just how alive it still is. I have the scars on my elbow to prove that lesson learned young.


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