Tuesday, November 14, 2006


This is not a sane way to spend a sunny day off! I started the morning fifth in line the newest of the Gwinnett County tag offices finding out what became of the renewal sticker for our pickup and getting new plates for Colin's car. Oh the joys of being the family CFO. Compared to my near-arrest at the New York DMV, which is all the bad, evil New Yorker jokes rolled into one, this was a piece of cake for breakfast. Then I made the unsound decision to spend three hours pushing pixels and html code around to update my website for the first time in nearly two years. NO - I have not finished the gallery and I probably won't today. My brain is fried so I am going to the park to walk and then spend the rest of the day in the studio. All criticisms welcome.


Maria Peagler said...

Hi Deb -

I'm a fellow art quilter and Georgian - I live up in the Appalachians. Not too many kindred spirits up here, but I do teach at the local quilt shop. I'm recovering from surgery and visiting sites on the Artful Quilters Web Ring and was delighted to find another Georgia quilter on there. I love your work and am envious of your fabric painting. I've always wanted to do that but don't really like all the chemicals and stuff, especially since I've got kids at home.
Enjoyed your blog and your website!
Maria Peagler

Melly Testa said...

I don't have any crits for your site so far. seems straight forward and clear. I love the large piece on the index page and can't wait to see the gallery.

Anonymous said...

Looks great, Deb. Sorry I haven't commented lately, but I do check in periodically. Thanks for reminding me t o come by!