Thursday, November 02, 2006


Yesterday, Jan Thompson and I went to see the biggest and best tourist attraction in Atlanta, the new Georgia Aquarium. There's a commercial for the GA on local TV with a woman standing in a darkened room looking up at something with her eyes and mouth opened wide in amazement. You could see that expression almost everywhere you turned. My jaw is still aching. I'm almost glad that, after a dozen bad shots, my camera called for new batteries so I gave up on trying to capture images and concentrated on taking things in directly. This turtle was flirting with everyone she made eye-contact with. Below is a cuttlefish. The acrylic tank and water was so clear that I am certain that the creatures inside could see us at least as well as we could see them. The cuttlefish seemed to be intrigued with our hands which vaguely resembled them. It made me want to paint eyespots on my knuckles so I could communicate with them better


Debra said...

ooo.. something to recommend beyond the cyclarama... which was my favorite (ok, almost only) positive impression of Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

That cuttlefish is down right handsome! And the turtle, what a beaut.

Elle said...

Look at all of those fish! Very cool! What good looking creatures!