Friday, November 24, 2006

Feast Day

I can't remember when I spent hours and hours embroidering this linen tablecloth. It was supposed to be cutwork done in ecru. Can you imagine how boring? Here's the detail that makes it an heirloom. Jake invited a few friends so we had to have a KIDS table. Fortunately it was balmy enough for them to eat out on the deck. Believe that from a 26 pound turkey there are almost no leftovers. I was most thankful that Jimmy got home at all. Snafu's on the job almost pre-empted his trip home (he and Colin have already gone back down to Macon) and I was about to have a meltdown when he told me on the phone. Things worked out after all and the kitty girls were both mad to lavish love on him. And even though there are (still) dishes to be washed, I am going to sit down, read a book and take a shot a learning a new addiction, I mean technique


Debra said...

Hey, Cooper picked the best day of the year to be born!! 6 months removed from xmas, you never have to wait more than 6 months for a celebration!!

Yep, that tablecloth is a heirloom, but I cannot imagine making it.

artmixter said...

You were right the first time, feltmaking is an addiction...guess how I know!!