Sunday, November 26, 2006

What Happened to My Weekend?

Here's me and Voodoo luxuriating in turkey poisoning. I've spent most of the day ironing pieces of hand dyed fabric to post for sale on the web. Can't buy or make any new stuff until the old stuff is cleared out and as fast as I was posting pictures, people were buying them! Whoopee! Last night I made pizzas from (almost) scratch. The dough comes in plastic baggies at the Publix bakery. I actually got it spinning in the air with nary a flop to the floor. The guys at Redendo's Pizza would be proud. Next weekend we'll have video - I'm teaching eveyone how to make pizza for themselves now that I've found out how much cheaper it is to make your own pies. All in all they were pretty good but the sauce needs tinkering with.


Elle said...

Yum, those pizzas look gooooood!

Anonymous said...
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At Home, Austin said...

Put some veggies on those pies and they'll be MUCH better! My favorites: onions, garlic (the more the better), pickled artichoke, green, red or yellow bell pepper (it's Christmas!)... Asparagus and spinach is wonderful too! And add a bit of feta cheese on top for just a bit more color! Reduce the mozzarella and it's even healthier - with not a whole lot of reduction in flavor!