Friday, May 04, 2007

new business card

Vista Print has made me an offer for new business cards that's pretty hard to refuse so I've put together a new design. My old card with the image below is so old it's hard to imagine that I was deep into a series of tiny hand-stitched pieces all in homage to Mark Rothko like this one, my favorite, "Little Sweetie". Any opinions on the new design before I finally send it to VP are welcome.


  1. Anonymous12:40 PM

    I like the new one much better. i am also starting to understand what i like about your art style. it reminds me of, and don't take this wrong, what a body would look like inside out-the colors, shapes and patterns. like the fish one you gave me-looks like some sort of anatomy of a fish. the card (new) reminds me of amoebas or blood cells some filled with oxygen, breathing life into the being that it inhabits. no i am not on drugs. it just hit me that way! Jan K

  2. Nice looking biz card. Makes me realize I need to do something about mine, too. By the way, this is the first time I have commented and I have been following your blog intermittently for a couple of years. I never realized how important comments were until I started my own blog last winter. Anyway, I always enjoy your posts and love seeing your work - which is always fabulous.

  3. I have your old card up here on my bulletin board, Deb. Now, me thinks I need this new beauty next time we correspond. I usually make my cards (which means I only have a's crazy, sometimes people offer to pay me for the cards!), and finally went to a local printer with an image last week. Yours looks great. A new card for a new season.

  4. I Love your new card - business cards are like ties - they make a statement.Plus they are a small investment- so you can change your mind - have a card for every mood !
    Marie Johansen


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