Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dyefest al fresco

Perfect weather for a dyefest. But after a little while I felt like I was working at the gates of hell. I really hope these colors hold up to the rinse & wash. PS - They sure did. "Spankin' Harsh" as the younglins say.


  1. My, you've been busy! Very psychedelic: remember those days?
    On another subject - I have a high instep, so can wear Birks. I HATED crocs - wore them around the store and - argh - never had them on again.

    Your son'shead looks like my son's head. Only my son is almost 38 and an attorney. He thinks it's great; I think he used to be good looking. sigh...

  2. I like the "cheetah spooted" one!

  3. er-----spotted i mean! :}

  4. I always love all your wild dyes. Did the color hold? Do tell.

  5. I like the glorious feline one!
    What's the name of this perspicacious kitty?


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